HOW TO SERIES coming soon in audiovisua

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Hi all… watch this space for my series of short video HOW TOs on stage and screen acting techniques.

I will cover the following:

  • vocal and physical warm ups
  • how to approach a monologue (speech)
  • give you some ideas for auditions and character construction excercises

I am currently shooting them and will make sure they’re delivered to you from yours truly, with best wishes in the very near future! :-)

I have had many discussions lately with adult students about the differences between stage and screen acting, so much though that I will be launching group adult classes shortly, so those of you who may be interested in more information , and would like to enrol on this classes should contact me directly.

After discussion it appears that the most commonly held belief ( and I hate to say it but the biggest myth of all) seems to be that actors ‘do less’ in front on the camera. I only wish it was that simple, we don’t do less , we do ‘different’.  The energy and intensity of our performance is the same as if standing on the stage of a large theatre, which just execute a working knowledge of ‘shot size’ and appropriateness of performance to that shot size…. my first how to series will demonstrate and explain this in more detail very soon.

Til then, take care


Dizzee Rascal Dance Wiv Me Parody

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Dizzee Rascal: Dance Wiv Me Parody by The Banana Crew

A Life Time Work in Progress

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I am fine so long as you dont order food!Hi all.. it delights me to say that acting gives the constant opportunity to learn and grow. I have just returned from a fab time in London and Amsterdam. Wind Up Banana TV filmed Eggs, the sequel to the long suffering East end Julies’ angst over her dealings with Bill.. This promises to be hilarious..I’ve seen the rushes and they had me in fits… The editing team have said that the edit will be fast paced, highly comical and dynamic. Flikki Kuits’ imput in the latest Beatniks skits has been invaluable.. anyone clued in to the Beatnik culture will not fail to be impressed.

Thanx Flikki .. we love u xxx
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