Fairy Nuff is due for an ASBO!

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Whilst still coaching and waiting for a particular favourite part from a fav director to wing its promised way to me, we at WindUp Banana have been verrrry busy.   Its true, and the final post pro of Fairy Nuff’s antics in an ‘Urban’ Woodland have proven.. she’s been at it again… BADGER BASHING!!! and the poor traumatised victim is seen spilling his guts.. (welll a few undigested worms) in the Police station.

Nuff is identified as the culprit and the harsh long.. well relativel long arm of the Gnome law is slowly but surely moving in on her. Will our anti-herroine outwit and outmanouvre these tenacious gaurdians of Woodand law?  … Does she even care?  Check out WindUpBanana’s next instalment of Woodenders to find out!

Also ccc…Currently in post pro for die hard Banana Heads, our next series includes more of the  Katherine Bailey story, Agents, Kell and Shell, Alwight Jim, same as usual? Beatnix, Smudge The Hedgehog and many more of  your favs!

Keep watching :)

KF xxx

Update: Fairy Nuff video is available to watch. Check it out!

Life in the Urban Fairy World

How to…Make it Real

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How to make it realSo, you got the script… someone deemed to think you were good enough, or close enough or like someone else enough or.. hate to say it, available and at the right price enough to cast you! So what next? Its the first day of rehearsals and you are looking forward to meeting everyone. Hand shakes done, air kisses launched, ‘do you know’s ‘ answered and future pending projects discussed, time to start the job properly, but there is just this underlying tension… and I have known tremendously gifted, seasoned and well known performers who will admit to this, the insecure thoughts that pop into the mind… you know the ones…

‘What if I don’t get it, the director may not like what I do, the cast may hate me, I may come across as unsubtle, I may be the biggest casting mistake since Mother Theresa when she played Ozzy Osbourne in the film ‘What f**kin hamster?’.

The thing to remind ourselves is this.  All this comes from our personal psychological tensions, not the characters we play.  So these wobbly moments of the ego really hold no place in the rehearsal room.  If we have thought about our character prior to rehearsal, and I don’t mean learned the lines, done some research which I would presume most of us would have done ( she says trying not to teach granny to suck eggs!) I mean really closed our eyes and imagined their lives through their eyes. Even if through the rehearsal period, we discover that our characters main objectives have changed, these characters will feel more three dimensional and real to us and so the process of the rehearsal becomes a voyage of artistic discovery rather than a period of bedding down and getting on with everyone.  Thus our initial apprehension released, allows us to be uncensored and uninhibited with one and other.  Openness and vulnerability tend to lead to bonding and therefore the initial fear of just bedding down with a new cast becomes inconsequential.
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Final Mix of Tracks

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Karena Franceska takes a break from recordingI had a great time with the very talented kids from The Academy of Performing Arts based in Yarm who came along to record some tracks with me a week ago.

We visited The Forum Music Centre, a cool hang out place with great facilities for song writers to get their work recorded in a pleasant and causal setting.  The staff and engineers are really helpful and I can recommend you visit this space.

I wrote and arranged these tracks with these fantastic young performers in mind, and they really rose to the challenge of a full dyas recording.  Our hard work is soon to be available on our album aptly entitled ‘Friends and Fun Places’.

Take care for now.  KF xx